Fly The W, Fly It Often, Fly It At Work

For anyone who supports a pro or college team, the passion on display during game 7 last night was palpable. For those like me who did not have a rooting interest (hello Pirates, leggo), I immediately thought of my friends who are Cubs and Indians fans. The drama, the tension, and ultimately a 108 year curse is washed away by a 17 minute rain delay and a 10th inning rally. 

What does any of this have to do with the workplace? Everything. Because the people and relationships at work drive everything. The more effort we make to connect, the better. And sports are a great way to spark those connections. Whether you are rooting for the same team, or an arch rival, the camaraderie of sports will translate positively when employees tackle a big business challenge. Virgin Pulse research shows that 66% of employees say colleagues positively impact their focus and productivity.

Enthusiastic workplace teams win. Exhibit your personal passions at work. Invest in your colleagues. And #FlyTheW for your Cubs (or your favorite team) and watch the wins for your company follow.