Picture, for a moment, the best boss you ever had. I bet he or she had many great qualities like showing a tremendous commitment to the company, being passionate about the job, and always prioritizing the career development of the team.

This picture forms the foundation of Dave’s keynote speech. He believes managing and coaching is a privilege that should be treated as such. He believes all managers should be constantly working on their own coaching skills so they are better leaders for their teams. And he believes that starts with a passion for coaching people.

Humorous managing examples from his 20+ years working for Fortune 500 companies are woven in so the audience can laugh AND learn. He will show how passionate leadership can drive exceptional results. And how just a few leaders who are committed to coaching can instill a mentality that can spread throughout a particular department and even whole companies.


Outcomes from this program :

  • Managers in the audience will think differently about the “job” of manager – they will prioritize it and take a personal inventory of their own commitment and passion.
  • Tips will be shared with the audience so managers can put some new coaching ideas to use immediately.
  • An audience-wide group of managers who should now recognize the important role coaching plays within their job and how to ensure it is prioritized.
  • A huge platform of laughter that makes the new tips and ideas even more memorable.