What if your workplace team cared the same way a die hard sports fan cares about his or her favorite team? They absolutely can...but some perspective may be needed. Caring at work is manifested in commitment, pride of ownership, and an insatiable desire to never stop satisfying the customer/consumer (internal or external). The difference your employees have with a sports fan is that they CAN affect the outcome of the game – as much as a fan would love to score the winning touchdown…he or she can only hope that someone on the team does.  So, the key is to personify the passion of the sports fan and deliver with the responsibility of the player.

Dave shares examples in his personal and professional life where passion and caring drove huge results. He will walk through a project that broke the “that’s the way we always do it” stigma, triggered 100% by the passion of his team. He will deliver a specific example about how to translate passion in an individual project into that of the greater company as a whole. He will share tips on how to challenge and support one’s colleagues. Finally, he will also show how his personal interests are huge drivers for his passion at the workplace. 


Outcomes from this program :

  • The audience will learn what passion at work looks like (and compare passion for individual projects vs. passion for the company as a whole). 
  • The audience will learn how to showcase and manifest passion, including how to build an audience of believers within their company. 
  • The audience will be inspired to push past the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” mindset to find new, better, and more impactful solutions. 
  • The audience will recognize that the things they are passionate about in their personal lives can translate to huge results in the workplace. 
  • Laughter, lots of it.
Funny motivational speaker Dave Fleming speaks to Denny's