Creativity Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Laughter truly is the best medicine. It’s been scientifically proven. At the workplace, sometimes you just need some assistance in finding the humor. You see, Dave Fleming thinks conference calls are funny. And he’s right. If you look at them the way he does.  So Dave will show you where the laughter can be found and how to inspire laughter in all levels of your organization. Because once you identify the humor at your office, the impact of those smiles and laughter will be significant.

As you laugh to the point of exhaustion, Dave will help you discover the benefit of taking a deep breath and acknowledging the crazy stuff we all do in the office every day. And he will provide productivity and work relationship tips for everyone to use immediately back at the workplace. Finally, he will help managers, whether they are funny or not, provide platforms for laughter that will inspire their teams. 


Outcomes from this program :

  • The entire audience will easily recognize the hilarious and real observations that Dave presents – and recognize the value in laughing at the way all of us behave at work. 
  • Laughter at work improves morale. Improving morale increases productivity. Start those dominos today by laughing at crazy acronyms and break room table edibles.

  • Tips for managers who might not be funny, but can create a platform for their teams to exhibit creativity and fun. 

  • A memorable speech that your team will be talking about long after the meeting is over. Dave guarantees the speech will be referenced not just the next day, but also the next week, the next month, and the next year. 

  • Non-stop laughter, the best way to learn. 


Dave Fleming drives results with passion. He will make an immediate, positive impact on your company and your people while inspiring your teams to improve performance. And he’s seriously funny. Trust me – Dave is the MAN.“

-Larry Young, President and CEO, Dr Pepper Snapple Group