To truly excel at work and thrive in your career, you must be able to connect. You must be able to connect with colleagues, cross-functional team members, outside vendors, and clients. Those who are focused on continuing to build those connections will excel, while those that maintain the status quo will likely struggle.

Dave shares his personal stories of how making connections throughout his life benefit him today. His background includes over 20 years of driving big teams and coaching individuals to personal success as the Director of Marketing for Dr Pepper and the Innovation Leader for Pizza Hut. Dave’s also very funny – he was voted the #2 corporate comedian in the country by He aims this program at inspiring individuals and teams to continue to make connections and reap the benefits of those efforts. 


Outcomes from this program :

  • Everyone in the audience will leave the meeting with a hunger to make new connections AND make good connections great. 
  • All audience members will learn connection tips that they can immediately put to use in the workplace to ensure an instant impact of the material. 
  • The group will learn the immense benefits of WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?), asking great questions, and listening. 
  • The power of storytelling will be highlighted to show how to enhance connection with an “audience” of 1, 5, 50, or 500. 
  • Managers will be challenged to invest discretionary time in their people and prioritize great ways to recognize their teams – the best ways to connect. 
  • Workplace communication is one area of focus: email, conference calls, and in person meetings are dissected to show how optimal communication will produce desired results. 
  • The group will laugh as they learn – the ideal way to absorb new information and ideas.