For Companies + Organizations

Dave Fleming sends your audience back to their desks energized. He inspires. He shows the power of humor. Most importantly, he cares. That's why his inside scoop is so desired, because he knows what made him successful in the workplace and shares those ideas, tips, and stories with his audiences. He wants to evoke change that makes work life better. Period.

He is an asset for companies, organizations, and associations in 3 primary ways:

  1. With humorous keynote speeches that inspire audiences. He presents a variety of topics culled from his workplace experience that drive audiences to make meaningful change at the office. He also writes specific presentations to meet the needs of his clients or will add jargon, acronyms, people, etc. to his programs to personalize them for your audience. 
  2. With workshops that deliver creativity and storytelling skills. These workshops are fast-paced, fun, and provide tools that can be used the second the team returns to their respective desks. 
  3. As an emcee, facilitator or awards show host. Dave ensures your event runs smoothly by adding energy, enthusiasm and the ideal tone perfect for your special event.
  4. Dave has specific programs for colleges and universities. With his "Cube Smarts" session, he prepares students for everything they need to know to get off to a good start in a new job or internship, with lots of laughs throughout."Inside the World of Marketing" helps students understand the ins and outs and career paths within a typical marketing department. Ideal for marketing students, but great for all, regardless of their major (especially MBA students).
  5. Dave's program for agencies and corporate partners is called "Inside the Mind of a Client". This program delivers the unfiltered view of what it takes to succeed in building a relationship with a client. It will help you and your team sell your ideas, strategies, products and services. And because Dave is one of the top humorous keynote speakers in the US, there will be lots of laughs -- the best way to learn. 

Here are two clips of Dave on stage: The Recall Email and the Sorcerer of Time. 


Keynote Speeches

Humorous Keynote Speaker Dave Fleming
Marketing Keynote Speaker Dave Fleming

Laughter, The Ultimate Workplace Prescription

When individuals and teams are laughing at work, they are at their best. Finding the humor and creating platforms to showcase fun and creativity in the office are crucial to success.

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Ignite Passion

Find the passion in your business and in your people and watch the results follow. Personal passions can be huge generators of success in the workplace. 

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The Power of Connection

Dave teaches and inspires with this example-rich, humor-driven presentation of the massive impact of building connections within and outside the workplace.

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The Best Boss Ever Can Be You

Managers can have a tremendous impact on not just their teams but the productivity and morale of an entire office. Dave provides examples that showcase the traits of great managers that all in the audience can easily begin to emulate.

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Creativity and Storytelling Workshops

Creativity Workshop

Creativity is a skill that must be practiced and nurtured. It takes work. That's why "we've always done it this way" is the most dangerous phrase in the language. Step out of the routine and find more creative and more rewarding solutions. This workshop shows individuals and teams how to trigger creativity and inspire new ideas. Walk away with many tips and tools that will help you find new solutions that produce extraordinary results. 

Storytelling Workshop

Audiences remember stories, whether it's an audience of 1 in a sales meeting or a group of 100 or more at a meeting or conference. Do you know how to tell the story of your company and your brand? Why should I care? What makes you unique? If you can explain your differentiation via a compelling story, you will separate yourself in the marketplace. This workshop shows you the steps to do just that. 


Skilled Emcee & Awards Show Host

Skilled Emcee

Emcee and Awards Show Host Dave Fleming

Nothing is worse than a meeting, presentation, or event that doesn’t flow. Dave Fleming provides mad flow as an emcee. He’s funny. He's clean. He’s “I’ve worked in corporate America for 20 years and sat in that audience and know what they need” funny.

He can set up your senior leadership for success with smooth transitions and provide a skilled, friendly, interview-style framework for a presentation. He can also be serious and recognizes the importance of the proper tone at a meeting.

If you want mad flow from a funny, skilled emcee who understands what a successful meeting looks like, then Dave is your man.


Awards Show Host

Dave Fleming believes the focus should be on the award winners, but not at the expense of the audience. Dave gets it. He has hosted Award Shows for Fortune 500 companies like Dr Pepper and Pizza Hut. When he hosts an awards show, it is not an endless, boring procession to the podium, but an entertaining evening in which the winners feel special and the audience is entertained. Recognition is such an important part in building a rewarding workplace – an expertly run awards show will deliver that goal.


For Colleges + Universities

Dave is passionate about coaching and inspiring college students. He designed two programs that draw on his work expertise to engage with students and provide them with the inside scoop that will benefit their careers for years to come. 

He designed Cube Smarts so your students get off to a great start in their new job or internship. It's hard to walk right into a new organization and succeed -- these tips help from the beginning. Among the many areas covered are: recognizing your internal dream job, managing peers/bosses/cross-functional partners, and surviving the break room. 

He also saw a huge opportunity to educate students about the many specialties within marketing. Inside the World Of Marketing shows students the expectations, demands, and impact of each area within marketing. 

And if you just want your students to laugh at orientation or as a great event at the end of the school year, have Dave present 45 minutes of workplace comedy, called Inside the Cubicle. Lots of laughs about the very world your students have been working so hard to join. 



The Inside Scoop Your Students Need to Succeed in Today's Workplace

Your students are on their way to their degrees, but they need the inside knowledge to assimilate quickly in today’s workplace. Dave Fleming’s “Cube Smarts” program prepares students to tackle the soft skills, politics, and workplace dynamics they will encounter when starting a new job. Dave educates your students on topics like identifying and chasing your dream job at a company, benefiting from a good boss, developing a personal brand, nailing a presentation on a conference call, managing your peers, and break room fridge rules. Humorous real world examples coupled with practical must-follow tips make this class one students simply can’t afford to miss.

Dave Fleming leads the program. He has successfully managed interns and trained new employees when he worked at small companies and was a Director of Marketing at Fortune 500s like Pizza Hut and Dr Pepper Snapple Group. Dave’s also very funny – he was voted the #2 corporate comedian in the country by The bottom line is this: Dave wants your students to get off to a great start in a new workplace and the best way to learn is while laughing. 


Outcomes :

  • Every student in the audience will be better prepared for a new job or internship, because they will now have “cube smarts” to merge with their “book smarts”.
  • Students will be prepared to handle the following at work:
    • Dealing with a good/bad boss, office politics, career paths, environmental radar/awareness, team meetings, managing up
    • Break room rules, technology, presentations on a conference call,  dress code, & cross-functional “partners”
    • How “active” and vocal to be in the first week or two
  • Laughter, non-stop, from stories and examples that reinforce the important points Dave shares throughout the presentation.
  • Q&A post-presentation enables students to get their individual questions answered from a workplace expert. 


Do your students want to pursue a career in marketing? Do they think that marketing really means just advertising and creative? Do they know which segment of marketing is a good fit for their skills and abilities? This program sets the record straight with real insights and real world examples.

In this workshop, students will learn each of the functions within a typical marketing department, with a detailed look at roles and responsibilities, potential advancement opportunities, and career paths. Tips on how to excel in a marketing interview will also be shared so students will be prepared to market themselves.

Dave Fleming presents the program. Dave’s background includes over 20 years leading the marketing for brands like Dr Pepper, Snapple, and Pizza Hut. He will use actual product launches and projects from his career to illustrate the expectations and responsibilities within a marketing department. 

Outcomes :

  • Students will have a clear understanding of each segment of marketing: advertising (at a company), brand, research, shopper marketing, digital, promotions, media, and innovation.
  • In each area, Dave will cover the skill sets, type of work, responsibility and power (yes, power within marketing and the organization). Students will have a clear understanding of the various careers within marketing and the types of skills required to succeed.
  • Students will know how to build their personal brand with their “Super Bowl commercial” being that interview with a desired employer.
  •  Students will learn how to demonstrate drive, judgment, and influence in an interview or networking session.
  • Laughter, lots of it. The absolute best way to learn is while laughing.

****An additional day can be added to the workshop to include interview practice with an expert who has hired students for new jobs and internships and knows what it takes to succeed. 



Humor in Today's Workplace

Dave Fleming thinks conference calls are funny. And he’s right. If you look at them the way he does, from the INSIDE. So, that’s his goal, to help everyone go INSIDE. Inside the mindset of people at work. Inside the decisions they make about food, about clothing choices, about words they say. You see, while everyone is trying to be really good at the jobs they were hired to do, they are battling all of these other things all day long.

As you laugh to the point of exhaustion, Dave will help you discover what’s really affecting workplace communication and morale. And he will provide tips that managers and team leaders can use to improve their coaching ability and collaboration immediately upon leaving the presentation.


Outcomes :

  • The entire audience will easily recognize the hilarious and real observations that Dave presents – and recognize the value in laughing at the way all of us behave at work.
  • Laughter at work improves morale. Improving morale increases productivity. Start those dominos today by laughing at crazy acronyms and break room table edibles.
  • Managers will learn how to recognize the considerable impact simple things like “Free jeans days”, chocolate chip cookies, and kickball games can have on building team chemistry.
  • A memorable speech that your team will be talking about long after the meeting is over. Dave guarantees the speech will be referenced not just the next day, but also the next week, the next month, and the next year.
  • Laughter, lots of it.

For Agencies + Corporate Partners

Dave has one program designed specifically for agency audiences: "What goes on inside the mind of a client?"

This program is designed to arm agency personnel in all departments with insights that will improve client meetings, presentations, and relationships. The insights are woven with humorous stories and anecdotes that will have your entire team learning and laughing throughout the entire presentation. Dave built this program from his personal experience as well as with input from senior leadership at companies like PepsiCo, Pizza Hut, Southwest Airlines, and Sonic.

Dave’s passion is helping people see their jobs differently -- that's why he has so much passion for sharing his inside scoop with agencies and corporate partners. Having been the client in literally hundreds of agency meetings in his career, this program helps agencies develop tighter client relationships and find better ways to sell their ideas. All departments within an agency will benefit from seeing their jobs through the eyes of the client. And it is delivered on a foundation of humor so there is lots of laughing and learning. 



Have you ever wanted to pry open the cranium of your clients and find out how they think? Do you wish you had some inside scoop about what they are looking for in creative meetings? Do you wish they would put their smart phones down and pay attention? Do you hate when THEY whisper? The “What Goes On Inside the Mind of a Client?” program answers all of these questions and more.

Dave Fleming leads this program. He shares his personal stories of working with large and small agencies when he led brands like Dr Pepper, Snapple, and Pizza Hut. His goal is to arm creatives and account directors with insights that will improve client meetings, presentations, and relationships.


  • All in attendance will see future meetings from the eyes of the client, appreciating THE CLIENT’S desires which will be different than YOUR goals.
  • Recognizing the incredible importance of all members of the agency team being on the same page, with the same recommendation, in the meeting.
  • Helping your client be YOUR best sales person for your big ideas.
  • Believing in your work and having a strong POV.
  • Top 5 client pet peeves of creative presentations.
  • The group will laugh as they learn – the best way to absorb new information and ideas.

Here are 3 clips from the program:

You could spend a career trying to figure out what exactly your client is thinking as you pitch your next big idea, or… you could spend an hour with Dave Fleming. As a veteran Brand Marketer who has been on the receiving end of hundreds of agency presentations - from the amazing, to the abysmal, we thought Dave would be the perfect source for true, raw, unfiltered insight - we just didn’t realize how perfect. Dave provided our team with 60 minutes of revelation and confirmation. He served it all up in our native tongue, and seasoned it with a perfect measure of humor. Yes, we laughed at “the client”, but we mostly laughed and cringed at ourselves. In the end we walked away with a priceless insiders perspective of the day-to-day challenges and pressures clients face. We learned about their dreams, their hopes, and how it all converges into a logical list of expectations that we can now better appreciate and plan for.
— Allan Meyerson, Executive Creative Director of Group360