What is the best resume writing service in 2020? We’ve picked up the tops for you.

We all know that it always eventually comes to your updating your resume when you’re thinking about getting a new job. So it happened, that it’s a necessary and primary part of the application process, as that it is the first (and sometimes the only) thing that recruiters look at. Does that mean that only top ranked specialists have the top resumes? No. Rather having a top resume will help you to become a top ranked candidate. Of, course that’s not an easy task if you have such target, but luckily in 21st century there are dozens of resume writing services, where you can order a resume and don’t even think about it yourself. But there are both good and bad thing about it – good: there are a lot of solutions, bad: which of those solutions will really help and not make worse?

What makes a resume writing service be top rated?

So, how to define the best resume writing services among the myriads of those who can (or claim to can) do this work done?

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  1. What do the best resume writing services offer?

    Well, firstly, it would be fair to say that besides being a very important instrument of the hiring process, you must understand that even if you manage to get an outstanding resume it still does not guarantee your immediate hiring. And the most important thing for the people is not to get the paper done, but to get the actual job. And here not only the resume is needed – cover letters, cv’s – even social your LinkedIn profile matters. That’s why when talking about best resume writing services – we mean those who can offer complex solutions which are focused on getting people employed, not just taking their money for providing resume templates.

    Resume writing

    You must understand that you’re, most probably, not the only one applying for the position. Usually, there are tens or, rather, hundreds of candidates with you. And, as you might have understood, employers don’t have time to speak with each of them in order to select the best one. In fact, not even all resumes will be opened and not all of those opened will be read through. But some will chosen for reviewal (they need a worker, after all, right?). So, resume is needed to be cool enough to make the employer notice you out from other candidates.

    What’s then? Ok, your resume was read through and even impressed the employer. Now you will be asked to come for the interview, right? Not exactly. Remember – there are a lot of resume writing services and a lot of people, smart enough to order a professionally made resume. So, even though the circle is narrowed now, the employer still has to select the best candidates from the ones who left.
And how to do that? Here’s where cover letter comes up.

    Cover Letter

    A well-crafted customized cover letter – that’s the selling point of your services to the employer. It certainly clarifies that you’re really interested in this certain position and not just sending resumes everywhere, because it shows that you are ready to go extra mile to get it. It also gives you a chance to include special details, that are not met in your resume and show more light on you as a personality and an ideal worker Together with your resume, cover letter paints a clear picture of why does the employer need exactly you.

    Other Services

    Beside that, since we’re living in a modern world there are bunch of platforms for finding the jobs, for example, LinkedIn. Some might think that it would be easier to use that, rather than spending costs on resume writing services. But on such platforms the candidates are searched by the same recruiters and very often those are checked to ensure that it is really the same person who stands behind the resume and your profile. So it should complement your resume and cover letter rather than replace those.

  2. Top-ranked resumes writing services means top-priced? Or vice versa?

    Another important component that defines the criteria of a “top ranked” resume writing service is, of course, it’s price.

    All services described above can be delivered at a different price. But also at a different level. Cheap resume writing services, quite often offer not the best service. But as often are just consider to be the ones, but in fact have quite a good quality. Same thing applies to the expensive services – in some cases price means quality but in some – you pay money for nothing.

    What we are trying to say – is that it’s not possible to evaluate that quality of the service just by looking on the price. But of course everyone always wants to get the highest quality for lower price, so we needed to take into account the price-quality ratio when comparing different resume writing services. And thus, we had to check a lot of them to provide you with the best results.

  3. Customer Service

    Might seem a bit strange – why does a good resume writing service have to have customer support? As customers are not doing anything themselves, right? 
That’s true, but remembering the importance of two previous points – offered services and pricing – how shall the customers figure our if they are dealing with the best resume writing service or not?

    Resumes are documents that illustrate candidate’s professionalism, and you should feel that you’re dealing with professionals right away. Because if ones can’t treat their customers well – what can they do for your future career?

    Each job application is unique, and thus there can be many questions regarding the resumes for certain positions, experience, regarding prices, offers, and so on.

    I don’t want to figure it out myself, I’m paying my money and I want to get a service, not do everything myself, right? That’s why customer support is always needed and it’s presence is a great indicator of whether this particular service is good.

  4. Perks

    Anything else? One of the key points of making the employer believer you that you are ready to go extra mile for getting this job, then why not to go at least an extra feet for getting your customer?

    It can be either discounts or something extra, included to the price, or some free features. Small things at first sight but those are so pleasant and so important when you get something on top of what is expected.

    All these criteria were used for evaluation out of top 10 resume writing services.

Top rated resume writing services 2019

Best criteria for identifying worst writing services.

While it can be quite hard to find out which resume writing services are the best, it is definitely much easier to identify which ones is better to stay away from.

Absence of any guarantees – There can be different situations when applying for the job and it’s not always possible to guess what do the client needs. In such cases all self-respecting companies are ready to provide you with a free revision of the work and adjust your documents appropriately and for free.

No refunds – If the company is not confident enough in the services it provides with, why should I be?

No support – If you can’t reach out the company in regards of any matters – forget about it.

Bad reviews – Of course, having a lot of good reviews does not 100% guarantees you that you will get the best service, but believe us, having a lot of bad reviews does 200% mean that you’re dealing with the bad one.


Following these advises will definitely help you out to find the best resume writing service for yourself in 2019. To summarize, you have to always follow 3 main principles when chosing who to trust your resume writing online:

  1. Read the reviews;
  2. Compare all the pros and cons;
  3. Find the adequate price and what do you get for this price.